Comprehensive Legal Support For Landlords And Property Management Companies

Owning and managing rental properties can be a lucrative enterprise or income stream. But just like the plumbing in your properties, being a landlord requires ongoing maintenance and sometimes emergency measures. Sutherland Law, PLC, helps property owners sustain success and deal with legal problems that arise.

Our Grand Rapids real estate attorneys cater to residential and commercial landlords, property managers and property management companies in West Michigan and statewide. He help clients resolve landlord-tenant disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner and address all facets of the landlord business.

Sophisticated Counsel And Solutions In Real Estate Law

Our clients range from property management firms that oversee multi-unit housing complexes and office buildings to small-scale landlords who own a few rental properties. Whatever your portfolio, Sutherland Law has a reputation for knowledgeable advice and high-caliber representation. We strive to be best at what we do and to exceed expectations in our customer service.

Led by Kevin Sutherland, our lawyers provide guidance and protection to landlords and property managers in both residential and commercial real estate:

  • Setting up real estate LLCs and operating agreements
  • Lease negotiations and renewals
  • Resolution of landlord-tenant conflicts
  • Eviction notice and proceedings (unlawful detainer action)
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting

Well-Versed In Landlord Rights And Responsibilities

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about state and federal laws that protect tenant rights, such as the federal Fair Housing Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Michigan Landlord Tenant Relationships Act, as well as county and municipal ordinances. We know that this complex maze of regulations can create obstacles or confusion, giving rise to costly and acrimonious disputes with your renters.

Many new clients are scrambling for answers and relief after learning — from a judge in their first court appearance — that Michigan law requires landlords acting under an LLC (limited liability company) to be represented by an attorney. We can intervene quickly to assess where you stand and what action to take to protect both the entity and your personal interests.

Advocates For Commercial Tenants
Sutherland Law also represents commercial property tenants (businesses) in disputes with their commercial landlords and property managers. Having litigated both sides of these disputes, our attorneys are forceful advocates as well as pragmatic problem solvers.

Get Focused Help In Real Estate Law

You may feel overwhelmed or defeated by a tenant dispute or other legal burdens. You may be energized by a real estate opportunity but realize you need legal help to lay the groundwork for success as a landlord or property manager. In either scenario, our firm stands ready.

We have purposely chosen this field of law because it dovetails with our passion and abilities. Kevin Sutherland and Jack Burke both have their real estate licenses as a complement to their law degrees. Reach out today to discuss your pressing landlord-tenant matter or how our consulting services can provide guidance and maintenance for your real estate business. Call our Grand Rapids office at 616-369-7531 or contact us online.