Lawyers For Buyers, Sellers And Agents In West Michigan

Construction flaws. Title defects. Omissions in the disclosures. Wrinkles in the fine print. There are a hundred reasons to hire legal representation for your real estate transaction. You have too much invested to leave things to chance or blindly assume that the other party is acting in good faith.

The experienced real estate lawyers of Sutherland Law, PLC, have shepherded thousands of residential and commercial transactions in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area. You can depend on us to thoroughly vet your real estate deal and intervene as necessary to protect your interests.

In-Depth Support For Residential And Commercial Real Estate Transactions

We have represented home buyers, homeowners, entrepreneurs, commercial property owners, real estate investment companies and real estate professionals on all sides of residential and commercial property deals. Our goal is to make sure your sale or purchase is consummated smoothly and efficiently, by thoroughly reviewing the paperwork and the key details of the transaction.

Our knowledgeable attorneys provide advice and representation to buyers, sellers and real estate agents for all stages of the process and any disputes that arise, including:

  • Negotiation or review of purchase agreements
  • Required disclosures (defects or encumbrances)
  • Title review and title insurance
  • Terms of commercial lease agreements
  • Conflicts and delays relating to contingent offers
  • Issues that arise at closing
  • Lawsuits for fraud, misrepresentation or breach of contract
  • Recovery of earnest money or down payment
  • Resolving mechanic’s liens filed against the property by unpaid contractors

Two of our attorneys are licensed real estate agents, so they are well-versed in industry practices and attuned to the market realities. Our team also has extensive experience facilitating investment property transactions, including multi-unit housing complexes, and providing close legal support to landlords and property managers.

Bring In The Professionals

You don’t want to be the person who wishes in hindsight they had consulted an attorney. Having a legal professional conduct the due diligence on the front end can give you peace of mind about your investment and potentially spare you from the headaches and expense of a transaction gone awry.

Kevin Sutherland and the rest of our team at Sutherland Law take pride in delivering first-class service and solutions. We understand that buying or selling real estate is a big undertaking, and we take our responsibility seriously. To arrange a consultation, call our Grand Rapids law firm at 616-369-7531 or contact us by email.